A number of casters have tried the various ICSF events and some have stayed the course and have been rewarded with medals, World Records and have been crowned World Champions. As you know this doesn't happen ovenight and can take many hours of perfecting the correct casting style and equipment.

The UKSF has made a concious effort help by stocking some of the equipment to take part, both 18g & 7.5g ICSF approved plugs are now available for sale, either at events or by post (postage to be paid by purchaser).

18g - £1.25

7.5g - £1.00

Zziplex products available to order are -

Zziplex Profile Lure - This blank doesn't need any introduction, released in 2004 and immediately set the plug casting scene on fire. Peter Thain's initial cast became the World Record and Peter the World Champion.

This record stood for 4 years until Colin Howlett broke it in 2008 in qualification and then went on to win the final by 7m !!

Since it's design and concept by Terry Carroll this has been "the" blank to use in ICSF competitions, at 13' and 2 equal sections the lightning quick recovery of the tip section makes this an ideal blank for both fixed spool and multiplier events.

Price on aplication.

These are made to special order and are only available through - Colin Howlett or Andy Miller.


Zziplex Profile Lure - 1st & 2nd ICSF 2008 World Championships.

Zziplex D/H fly rod under test by Patrik Lexa, Czech Republic - being watched by the United Nations !!

Zziplex Double Handed Fly rod blanks - These have a proven track record and are (in the right hands) very competitive and have been developed over a 4 year period. One of the Polish caster's was so impressed with his, that he used it in the 2008 World Championships only 24hrs after receiving it, he only just missed out on qualification for the final. His fellow team members have now ordered another 6 blanks as did another country.

Since the introduction of this blank, improvements have been made from feedback from some of Europe's leading casters, making this the 'must' have T120 blank.

The blank is a 3 piece unit measuring just over the legal 5.20m (to allow for user customisation - trimming) and is in an unground finish. The blank has been designed with a powerfull but and mid section with a tip that has a crisp and firm recovery.

Price on aplication.

These are made to special order and are only available through - Colin Howlett or Andy Miller.



Rings for Spinning Distance Single Handed (Ev5) & Spinning Dictance Double Handed (EV7) are available, but need to be ordered well in advance as these are only collected from ICSF events. EV5 rings might differ from those in the picture as the Japanese rings are not always available.

Price on aplication. These are made to special order and are only available through - Colin Howlett or Andy Miller.


Japanese style


Polish style

Performance Spools


These will enable the caster to maximise the potential for his performance equipment.

We have been sourcing/testing a number of spools for all 3 Plug distance casting catagories (Ev5, 7 & 9)

These are currently under final testing and early indications are very promising with distances equal to or better than our existing equipment.

Availability and compatibility of these products will be finalised within the next 3 months.

Price on Application.




Pictures will be available of the finished products



Caster's who have represented "Team UK" at the ICSF Championships recomend and endorse the above products.

TG's Performance


31st July 2009