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Hi, I'm Stuart Carlile.
I've been casting since 1996, this is when I also started casting at the UKSF.
At the 1999 Masters Final, I cast a Personal Best of 230.14m, I've aslo cast a recorded 264yds in practice.
My major achievements so far are :-
1996 - 1st Grade 3 (GP3), 1st Grade 3 (GP4).
1997 - 1st Grade 2 (GP1), 1st Grade 2 (GP3).

Colin Howlett - UKSF

Paul Kerry - Former UKSF Champion

Andy Green

Dave Simpson & Neil Kelland
(Both Former UKSF Champions)




Danny Moeskops -
3 times UKSF Champion '97, '98, '99.
& World Record Holder 125gm, 150gm & 175gm

Jason Willicombe
1999 Clubmans Winner

Andy "Led Chukka" Miller
10lb 12oz UKSF "Sea Angler" Club Cod Competition