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2015 British Championship (sponsorred by 'The Rocket Reel Company') will include the 4 GP's and the Masters Final. Remember that UKSF members get a discount on products - speak to Tony.
Revised fees for 2015 - see "Membership Form" for full details, all memebrs to complete and send to Colin with the appropriate payment.


Huntingdon Racecourse have advised the UKSF that we are unable to hold GP4 on our advertised date of 17th August, they have kindly offered the 3rd August as an alternative date, which has been accepted - hopefully this will not cause too many issues.

Can all casters please ensure that they have completed a new membership form and have sent it in to Colin Howlett along with their appropriate fees.


All Members to provide an updated 'Membership Form' with their payment please, All Casters (Members & Day Casters) will be asked to sign to say that they agree to abide by the "UKSF Tournament Proccedures" and "Competition Rules" before you cast. Copies of these will be available on the field.

Tony Gittins of The Rocket Reel Company has kindly agreed to sponsor the 2013 British Championships, Tony has also agreed to offer a 20% discount on all of his products to UKSF members.

Owing to issues beyond the control of the UKSF Committee (available dates from Huntingdon Racecourse and Dates for CIPS Casting World Championships) we have had to look for an alternative venue to host a number of our usual events. These issues have delayed our ability to provide a list of dates for 2013. We ask that you be patient.

Dates for this year can now be found on the Calendar.


2012 Newsletter can be found here

It is with great sadness that Michael McManus (Conoflex) passed away on his 90th Birthday, Michael played a huge part in the early days of Carbon Rod development in the 1970's, the progression of Casting as a sport. Possibly best remembered for the World Famous DC6.
The UKSF Committee would like to pass on their condolences to Aidan & Stephen McManus.

UKSF event dates can be found on the 'Casting Calendar'


Dates for the 2011 casting season can be found on the Calendar.


England teams for CIPS World Championships - Andy Copping, Alan Varley, Steve Boyt, Dave Richardson, Mark Jakins, Gary Blanchard, Lee Adams, Steve Lewis, Jason Carter and Garry Dickerson. The A and B teams will be decided during a team weekend in August.

Following the distribution of the 'Newsletter' some date changes had to be made, these are 12th Spetember - Junior Ladies & Light Line and 19th September - Clubman's Final. Please check the 'Casting Calendar' for the correct event dates.

After approximately 15 years of hard use and with increasing issues with the current UKSF DCA moulds for the mandatory weights (100g, 125g, 150g & 175g) it has been decided that replacements are required. After evaluation, the UKSF Committee have decided to use the moulds available from UK Hooks (www.uk-hooks.com) from GP1 onwards.

2010 Newsletter No1 can be found here 01/02/10.

This years event's can be found on the Calendar. 31/01/10.


ICSF Products now available.

England Casting teams for the Welsh International ~ 8th & 9th August
A Team - Andy Copping, Mark Jakins, Paul Baker, Garry Dickerson & Steve Boyt.
B Team - Lee Adams, Tony Jones, Steve Lewis, John Hodgson & Ben Bradstock.


2008 Dates - 6th April, 27th April, 11th May, 10th August, 24th August, 28th September & 12th October (26th October reserved).

CIPS - Newsflash.....
Teams - England 'A' finish =2nd behind France on a tense final day - see the full results. Well done to Wales in their first CIPS event in finishing 6th. Indiviuals - Well done to Lee Adams (England A) 3rd and Chris Brayley (Wales A) 4th.

Light Line & Junior Challenge - this will be held on Sunday 28th October @ Huntnigdon Racecourse - make a note in your casting diary.

England Casting Squads announced :-
A Team - Garry Dickerson, Lee Adams, Tony Jones, Dave Richardson & Steve Morris
B Team - Roger Mortinmore, Steve Crimmins, Steve Boyt, Ben Bradstock & Dennis Retter
Reserve - Neil Jones, Good Luck Chaps.

5th April - The UKSF are glad to announce that products from Ultima range will receive the UKSF endorsement, this a long term partnership that will see benefits to both UK and global casters. Initially, lines from the existing range will be available with a 'Tournament Casting Line' available for 2008. This is the result of many discussions and meetings between Ultima and the UKSF, it is proposed that a percentage of the profits raised from these sales will go towards International casting.

4th February - The introduction of 0.25mm for the 100gm to make it competitive and to give the UK casters more practice for CIPS events. The addition of the 200gm sinker as a non-mandatory sinker if casters so wish to use it. Qualification for the Masters Final is now based on the best 2 results from GP's with the top 40 (max) qualifying.


CIPS - England teams announced - for the World Angling Games (September 10-17th) to be held in Protugal, England A - Lee Adams, Mike Birks, Garry Dickerson, Steve Morris & Jason Willicombe. England B - Dean Bass, Mark Jakins, Tony Jones, Roger Mortimore & Barney Wright. The teams will be managed during the event by Dennis Retter.
I.C.S.F - This event is being held in Maynooth, Ireland (September 1st-9th) and will include the 'Emerald World Masters', now making it 14 events instead of the usual 9. Included in the additional 5 events is the 100gm 'UKSF' style - Representing the UK will be - Colin Howlett, Andy Miller, Hugh Newton, John Raffan & Peter Thain.
The UKSF wish all members taking part the best of luck.


CIPS - England Team announced - For the World Surfcasting Championships in Nardo, Italy. Garry Dickerson, Barney Wright, Tony Jones, Lee Adams and Steve Morris with Dennis Retter Team Manager. Good Luck.


Zziplex Invitation/Home International - The format for the event is:- Teams of 5, Each caster has 4 casts in 150g followed by 4 casts 125g. Their best distance in each weight will be added together and go towards the team total and the individual score. The team who amasses the greatest aggregate based on the above will win.
C.I.P.S. - World Casting Championships, Ageles Sur mer, France. 14-19th September 2004. The England squad has been selected. They are :- Lee Adams, Glyn Baldwin, Mike Birks, Garry Blanchard, Garry Dickerson, Andy Miller, Steve Morris, Roger Mortimore, Jason Willicombe & Barney Wright - Team Manager Dennis Retter.
I.C.S.F. - The ICSF World Championships are to be held in Bern , Switzerland 7-12th September, though no surfcasting is included there are the 7.5gm & 18gm accuracy and distance events. A group of UKSF & BFCC members are going to compete because on paper there is a chance of a few medals.
'UKSF Opens' - These events will be advertised at UKSF GP's and Fishing websites.They will be run along the lines of UKSF events at Local Casting clubs. First event was held at NWSA on 18/04/04. Peter Thain set a new 100gm UKSF record. The second open was held at Kent Sportscast (Sutton Valence) on 27th June., this was again well attended. Andy Miller set a new UKSF 18gm Multiplier record. The next Open is to be held at Dorchester on August 15th. More events will be held once dates have been finalised - come back and check.
'Inland' casting events. These will be held simultaneously with the UKSF events. The format being 18gm Multiplier & Fixed Spool (0.25mm) and 7.5gm single handed (fixed spool - 0.18mm). The records for these events can be found on the UKSF 'Records' page.


NFSA have announced the casters who are in contention to represent "England" at the CIPS World Casting Championships to be held in Italy from the 10th -14th September. They are :-
Lee Adams, Mike Birks, Robin Caley, Garry Dickerson, Colin Francis, Malcolm Greatrix, John Hodgson, John Holdsworth, Tony Jones, Jason Mann, Roger Mortimore, Dennis Retter, David Vicary, Barney Wright & Jason Willicombe. - We await to see if the WFSA & SFSA are also sending teams.

CIPS World Casting Championships - NFSA Press Release - England squad announced !! The team will be selected from the following - Dennis Retter (Manager), Mike Birks, Rob Caley, Colin Francis, Jeff Hayward, Neil Mackellow, Steve Owers, Kevin Southey, Jason Willicombe, David Vicary, New Caps - Gary Dickenson and Barney Wright. The final team will be confirmed on 20th June 2002.

Mike Birks joins the elite 300+ club !! with a cast of 301 yds at Davidstowe on Sunday 10/02/02, this cast was overshadowd by Jason Willicombe who cast a massive 308 yds - well doen the both of you. Others in the top club are - Neil Kelland, Andy Green, John Lambert & Barry Painter.


Are to hold their first event of the year on August 12th, all are welcome

England A - Take Team Gold in the World Angling Games - Le Harve, France.
The team consisting of L-R, Barry Painter, Mike Birks (3rd Overall) ,Neil Mackellow, Jason Willicombe (2nd Overall) & David Vicary.

England B - Take Team Bronze in the World Angling Games - Le Harve, France.
The team consisting of L-R, Colin Francis, Dennis Retter, Rob Caley, Steve Owers & Kevin Southey.

SportsCast USA - 'Worlds' Competition. The US have opened their arms to all countries to compete in this event, which takes place in Hatteras October, 19th, 20th, & 21st. Tres Irby (from Hatteras Out-fitters) has offered free accommodation to any overseas competitors. Please check the BreakawayUSA message board for more information.
C.I.P.S. - World Casting Championships - Le Harve, France . 11th - 15th June 2001. Two teams have been sent to represent England in this event, the team members are :- Jason Willicombe, David Vicary, Barry Painter, Mike Birks, Steve Owers, Neil Mackellow, Dennis Retter, Kevin Southey, Rob Caley and Colin Francis. We wish them Luck.
NEW WORLD UKSF 125gm RECORD - Danny Moeskops set a new record at the 1st UKSF Grand Prix on 6th May 2001, with a cast of 262.32m. Well done Danny, Peter Thain was only 5.5m behind, well done Peter.


C.I.P.S. World Casting Championships, September 2000, Italy. - The casters that have been selected and approved by the NFSA to represent England are :- Jason Willicombe, David Vicary, Garry Blanchard, John Lambert, Barry Painter, Mike Birks, Jeff Hayward, Kevin Southey, Aaron Brown and Dennis Retter. We wish them all luck.
Alan Varley (15yrs) hits 269yds 2ft on the 125gm weight, at the NWSA/Zziplex open day, using a Zziplex Dymic HST and an ABU 5500c with centrifugal brakes. What a cast !! Well done Alan.
UKSF - Junior & Light Line Competition 9th July. The catagories for the Light line are 50gm, 75gm & 100gm. The minimum line diameter for the 50gm & 75gm is 0.25mm and for the 100gm it's 0.28mm. The regular 0.65mm shock leader will be used for all three weights. There will also be the a "Junior" Competition running within the event to encourage juniors to compete. - Spectators are welcome.

"150gm" breaks the 300 - Jason Willicombe joins the 300+ club (the first using a 150gm lead) - Jason cast a magnificent 302yds at Davidstowe, Cornwall (28/05/00) , this was achieved using the new 0.31mm line and a 150gm sinker.
306 yds Cast - Barry Painter became the newest member of the "300" Club, with a massive cast of 306 yds at Davidstowe Cornwall, Barry was using a 125gm Lead on 0.28mm main line. This happened at a Sea Angler event being run by the Cornwall Distance Casters, the cast was measured by the UKSF Chairman - Dennis Retter. needless to say that this cast was a Personal Best for Barry - Well Done.
Change to Rules - At the AGM, it was decided that the main line for the 150gm event would now be lower to 0.31mm, after the change to the 125gm going to 0.28mm it was felt that the 150gm was no longer competitive using 0.35mm line and the line diameter reduced accordingly.