News Letter

1st February 2010

Dear All

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and are now raring to go for the new Casting Season.

The dates are as follows:

Grand Prix 1 April 11th

Grand Prix 2 May 2nd

Grand Prix 3 May 30th

Grand Prix 4 August 8th

Masters Final September 26th

Invitation 21st and 22nd August

Clubmans 12th September

Junior, Ladies and Light Line 24th October

For 2010 the British Championship will be based on the combined distance of 2 weights at each of the GP's (Masters not included), The Veterans and Seniors will also be over the 4 GP's.

The UKSF have been asked to put on demonstrations at the Big Un at Farnborough on 20th and 21st February.

Greece are hosting a 'Neil Mackellow' tournament on 15th and 16th May

A 'Lionel Stead Memorial' event is being organised by NWSA details to follow

ICSF event this year is in Croatia - 15-19th September

CIPS event is in France 4th - 10th October

Texas event 2nd and 3rd October

If you require details of any or all of the above, please call or e-mail.

Clubman Final. - Would clubs please advise as soon as possible who will be entering a team (to save lots of last minute organising).

To make things easier for us all, could you please make sure that a completed application form and cheque/cash is forwarded to us as soon as possible. An additional fee of £5 will be charged if paying on the day (at the committees discretion).

As far as possible all communication will be via e-mail so please make sure that you include your e mail address on the form which can be printed off from the website.

Thank you all and look forward to hearing from you very soon.