U.K.S.F. - Tournament Procedures



1. In normal circumstances the area to the right of the oche is OUT OF BOUNDS to ALL. No caster may cast if any person, entrant or otherwise is in the out of bounds area, or within visible crack off range.

2. All entrants share a common responsibility for safety, if you see a potential danger report it to a Committee member immediately (EVEN IF CASTING HAS TO BE STOPPED).

3. All casters must ensure that they comply with the line, leader and link rules. (this applies to line approved by the UKSF, it is down to the caster to check )

4. The organisers in the interest of safety may at any time stop and request a caster to modify his actions or leave the tournament, until any issues of safety are resolved no further casting will take place.

5. Any person who willfully breaks the safety rules is a danger to himself and others. The organisers at their discretion may exclude any entrant who does not comply with the safety rules.

6. UKSF may create and amend safety rules at any time and they will be binding from such time.

7. In the event of an accident occuring at the tournament, a Committee member should be informed and the emergency proceedure actioned.

8. It is a condition of membership that no caster competes while under the influence of alcohol.


1. All casters to assemble in the Casting Lane in the correct order when called. Out of order casting will not be allowed. The casting Court is only to entered from this area.

2. All casters must be present when their time to cast has arrived, according to the order of casting, failure to do so will lead to the caster being disqualified from that round.

3. On completion of casts a competitor must keep with his equipment after placing it on the appropriate rod racks on the left hand side of the court.

4. Competitors must walk and reel in their own casts. Only competitors are allowed on the court together with official measurers and committee. Before walking down, please tighten your line. Do not walk with slack lines.

5. To help with the smooth running of tournaments it is essential that all casters return as soon as possible. Please do not dawdle.

6. It is the responsibility of each caster to ensure that his cast is recorded correctly at the time as no adjustments can be made later.

7. The committee in charge of the tournament can examine the tackle of any caster according to UKSF Rules and can at their discretion allow a caster extra time, or an extra cast, due to outside interference, or any mishap not due directly to the caster.

8. Any caster not adhering to the above rules will be penalised. Any protests from casters must be lodged with a committee member immediately the incident occurs. The Committee decision is final and binding.

9. If numbers entering a tournament exceed 60, then the following may apply. After 4 rounds of casting the top 40 will go forward to have a further 4 casts. Results of the whole day will count towards point scores.

10. All casters must use the lead and leader provided, all 'crack offs' must be retrieved and reported back to the Court Judge. Any 'crack offs' found must be reported back even if its not your own. A list of those outstanding will be posted near the tent at the end of each round.

11. Casting numbers must be worn and be clearly visible by the court judge.

12. Only casts of 180 mtrs and above will be measured. Day, Junior and Female casters will have their casts measured whatever the distance.

13. It is a condition of entry to a tournament that competitors will, when required assist a committee member in measuring casts. Also when required should give assistance with the setting up and clearing of the court.

14. To save time and enable the smooth running of the tournament please only measure your longest cast in each weight (unless advised that an aggregate prize is being awarded).

15. Day Casters are illegible to win prizes.

16. The rules and procedures can be amended at any time by the committee.

17. Disciplinary procedure will be as follows: a) Warning b) Exclusion

April 2006