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Barbara Carroll

Hon. Chairman

Andy Miller 

Hon. Secretary

Colin Howlett

Hon. Treasurer

Colin Howlett

Vice Chairman

Steve Boyt


Lee Adams


Paul Mayhew

Background - The day to day running of the UKSF is done at UKSF HQ - the home of Colin Howlett. It is from here that many phone calls are made and received every week. Both Colin has been actively involved with the UKSF since 1981, it was in 1984 that Colin became UKSF Treasurer. Colin's wife Anne played a major role in the UKSF being part of the Committee from 1981 until 2014. Since their involvement they have seen the club rise to its current position as the Nations leading casting organisation and also at the leading edge of Surfcasting in the World.

Membership - The UKSF welcomes new members, not just from within the UK but from around the World. Being a member gives you the privilege of being able to purchase many different Casting/Angling products from a wide range manufacturers.

Casting - Once you have paid your membership fees and have become a member, to be eligible to cast at any of the Grand Prix's you must pay your entrance fees before the closing date, failing to do so will mean that you cannot cast.
The current format runs along 4 Grand Prix's and a Masters Final, it is only the top 80% (to a maximum of 40 casters) who qualify for the final, points are gained from each Grand Prix, with 60 points being awarded to the top caster and 1 point for the caster who finishes 60th.

Grades - After you have competed in 2 tournaments, you will be graded according to your average position (top 15 = G1, 16-30 = G2, .....G3). Regrading takes place after the Masters Final. Your Grade for the start of the new season will depend on your position in the Masters, (1-15 = G1, 16-30 = G2, 31-45 = G3). Any others who have cast in 2 or more tournaments, but did not reach the Masters will start the season in G3. After 2 Grand Prix's regrading will then take place again.

Running the Club - The funds are raised by two methods, firstly the annual subscriptions from the membership and secondly the generous donations from various tackle companies. The UKSF is sponsored by Barbara Carroll of Zziplex, this sponsorship is in the form of prizes at the Grand Prix's and the Masters Final and monetary donations. At each casting event a raffle is usually run and the prizes are varied, from fishing related articles to those of a normal household nature.


updated Jan 2017